This page was created to provide information about the book Among These Hallowed Grounds by Russell C. Poole to be published by Phoenix Imagery Press, LLC. We will continue to update this site as Among These Hallowed Grounds progresses towards a release date. We will add links and progress updates as we move closer to a release date.

3/1/2014 : We still have hopes of producing a hardcover traditional book but while we are researching our printing options for hardcover production we are pursuing the possibility of an e-book either in addition to or instead of the traditional hardcover version. Still no release date as we continue tweaking the final effort.

Again our thanks for your continued interest and support of this project. We will continue to post updates at this page. - Russ Poole

Fading Memories Among these hallowed grounds, hallowed ground Corridor, fog, cannon, tree, Manassas National Battlefield, Virginia

Among These Hallowed Grounds will provide the reader with both a photographic and a written guide to the journey through the Hallowed Ground Corridor. We will follow the general route of the old Carolina Road, now better known as as U.S. Route 15, from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania through historic Frederick, Maryland and on into the state of Virginia ending in the general vicinity of present day Charlottesville, Virginia and surrounding sites. This region is often referred to as the birthplace of America.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, among these hallowed grounds, cannon, sunrise, red sky An Ominous Sign

The Hallowed Ground Corridor region is rich in early American history and was home to many of our nation’s founders in addition to being an important path for the Underground Railroad movement and the westward migration of the early settlers. Though important in many ways to the early growth of the country this region is probably best remembered today as the site of many of the key battles of the Civil War, an infamous conflict that pitted Americans against Americans and nearly destroyed the young country.

Dawn arrives to Harpers Ferry, WV sunrise, fall, Harpers Ferry, among these hallowed grounds, West Virginia, Potomac River, Shenandoah River,

The goal of this book will be to provide you, the reader, with an overview of this important area of American history and with the beauty of the region that surrounds it.